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Energy Supply Choice

Competitive Energy Suppliers (ESCO’s) use VoiceLog’s Third Party Verification (TPV) services to confirm their new customers’ enrollments to change their electric or gas supply companies. Some states require a TPV for regulatory purposes while other companies choose to use TPV as part of their “best practices” procedures. TPV can be used in conjunction with door-to-door sales, outbound telemarketing and inbound inquiries from advertisements and online web enrollments.

Traditional Call Center

VoiceLog works with call centers to offer call recording for quality control or in-house training. Our products are beneficial to independent call centers who use Call Recording to record the sales transaction and store the audio recording.

Insurance & Health Care Providers

Insurance and health care companies use VoiceLog’s TPV as a “voice authorization” or verbal contract with customers who are enrolling in services such as Medicare or purchasing supplemental health insurance or life insurance. With our basic call recording and automated scripted TPV products, we have the perfect solution for those insurance and health care companies who see the value and efficiency in completing a verbal verification over the phone.

Merchant & Credit Card Processors

Many banks require a verbal recording to be completed with a customer’s authorization for a “card not present” transaction involving a credit card or ACH debit. VoiceLog’s call recording and automated scripted third party verification products allow companies to collect this authorization and store the audio in a central location.

Cable & Telecom Providers

VoiceLog has been an industry leader in providing TPV services that meet FCC requirements for companies selling telecom and cable services. Each of our products is a desirable choice to confirm a customer’s choice to change provider or enroll in service.

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