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Connecting Field Sales with the Back-Office TPV Process

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Connecting Field Sales with the Back-Office TPV Process
Realtime Results’ Open Door Solution Partners with TPV Leader VoiceLog

St. Louis, MO – October 29, 2013 – Open Door, the leading door-to-door mobile sales application, and VoiceLog, the leading provider of third-party verification (TPV) services for sales organizations, have teamed up to create an integrated TPV solution for energy marketers and other sales organizations.

The two companies have partnered on a TPV solution that reengineers the traditional TPV process reducing overall call times and expenses for energy marketers. The process integrates Realtime’s Open Door mobile sales solution with VoiceLog’s call center TPV teams.

“We’ve partnered with VoiceLog to create something quite revolutionary in the TPV industry,” explains Tom Brockhaus, Realtime Results VP. “In a traditional TPV scenario, a sales rep in the field identifies a sale and then captures all the information on a paper order form. Then they place a call from the customer’s home to a back-office TPV team to complete the TPV for the order. The old process required a complicated paper-trail and relied on manual methods.”

“Using the Open Door solution, we are able to capture all of the order information on a mobile device and transmit it electronically to VoiceLog’s internal systems. Once an order arrives, VoiceLog’s TPV reps process the order and then place a short call to the customer to complete the TPV. That means sales reps spend less time at each home. Sales information is captured with fewer errors. And the length of the TPV call is reduced. That means savings for energy marketers.”

VoiceLog is the only TPV provider today capable of offering this service to their clients and reaction has been extremely positive. “TPV is a competitive environment, and we recognized right away that by offering this type of service we would not only strengthen our relationships with our existing clients, but we would also be able to attract new clients. At VoiceLog, we are committed to having the most efficient and cost-effective TPV solution available,” says Dan Homa, VoiceLog’s Sales Director.

In addition to the ability to capture orders electronically, Realtime’s Open Door solution also allows energy marketers to track and monitor their field sales teams using GPS tracking technology. The tool gives them quantifiable insight into where and when sales occur, relative sales rep performance and an effective check on sales quality.

“By coupling Open Door with VoiceLog, we’ve given the industry exactly the solution they need to increase effectiveness and efficiencies of door-to-door sales,” explains Brockhaus. “Together we truly have the right solution, in the right place at the right time.

About Realtime Results, LLC: Realtime Results is a St. Louis-based provider of outsourced professional services. The company is home to the Open Door Solution, the leading mobile software platform for field sales and service teams. Some of the largest and best known brands in the world partner with Realtime Results for the reasons inherent in the company’s motto – Partners You Can Trust – Success You Can Measure. For more information about Realtime Results and the Open Door system, please visit:

About VoiceLog: For more than a decade and nearly 100 million calls, VoiceLog has been a trusted partner to hundreds of companies from a wide variety of industries to ensure quality sales and control. VoiceLog is the provider of choice because of experience, capabilities and history of innovation; and VoiceLog is a cost effective way for companies to grow their business. For more information about VoiceLog, visit their website at:

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